Should you need our services for an uncontested divorce or a divorce where a bit of negotiation will lead to a settlement between you and you’re soon to be ex-spouse.

For the amount of R 9800.00 (excluding the Sheriff’s account) you can be a divorcee in no time at all. Complete the form below and leave the rest up to us. There are no hidden costs and the total cost will be calculated as follows:

a) Standard Summons: R 3500.00
b) Mandatory Telephonic consultation with Client: R 750
c) Administration fee: R 750.00 – For the necessary correspondence with the sheriff to serve the summons on your spouse.
d) Sheriff Cost (Delivery of Summons) ±R 150.00 – To be paid after delivery of summons to the defendant.
e) Court Appearance: R 1500.00
f) Cost of Counsel (includes counsel’s account): R 2000.00
g) Uplift & Provide Divorce Order: R 650.00
h) Office Disbursements: R 650.00
i) Should any additional services and/ or changes be requested pertaining to the above mentioned, such services and/or changes shall be rendered at an attorney–own client scale.

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