Is some of the following probable after you institute divorce proceedings, or have you received divorce papers and are concerned regarding some of the following?:

You are afraid for your own or your loved one’s safety after the divorce action commences.

You are living in fear of being left with only the clothes on your back after the divorce is finalized.

Your spouse intends to milk you for every last sent you have.

Your spouse will attempt to relinquish some of the assets while the divorce is pending.

Your spouse will not support you or your children while the divorce is pending.

Your children will be kept from you as a bargaining chip while the divorce is pending.

If you are experiencing or you anticipate experiencing any of the above it is important that an appointment is set up with one of our firm’s divorce attorneys so that you are aware of the various options to protect you and your family’s rights through this vary difficult time. The good news is that there are various legislative remedies in place that will protect you and those you hold dearest from any of the abovementioned situations regarding the Parental Responsibilities and Rights of your children, Protection Orders, Rule 43 Applications and Maintenance and Court Applications will be explained to you in detail and implemented should the need arise pending the divorce proceedings.

FEE STRUCTURE: Due to the various options available in contested divorces, our fees will be discussed during the initial consultation and will be charged at the Court Tariffs.

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