Child Relocation is a very complex subject and affects all parties concerned including the minor children to be relocated.

On the one hand you are dealing with the right to freedom of movement  and on the other you are dealing with the limitation of visitation rights of the non-relocating parent. What contributes even more to the complexity of relocation is the fact that there is no legislation that regulates this process and regards must be given to caselaw.

There are a few factors that have been addressed in previous caselaw such as the best interest of the minor children, if the relocating party’s move is bona fide and reasonable, the purpose of the relocation, interest of the non-relocating party and the impact that the relocation would have on the affected child and his/her relationship with his/her parents however with that being said every case will be dealt with on its own merits.

Our specialist Family Law attorneys will be able to assist you whether you are the relocating or non-relocating party.

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