In South Africa, High Courts and Regional Courts have the authority to grant a divorce. And although it is possible to file for divorce in your own capacity it is highly advised that citizens employ the services of a divorce lawyer to facilitate the process. The benefits of hiring a divorce attorney are undeniable and without the assistance of a legal professional, you run the risk of prolonging the process or making mistakes that could be detrimental to your case.
They Act on Your Behalf

Divorce proceedings can cause a considerable amount of stress for all parties involved and emotions can easily get in the way of reaching an agreement. It is often difficult for individuals to remain impartial under these circumstances and in some cases, parties can act spitefully towards their spouse. Divorce attorneys are able to act objectively in these situations because they do not have an emotional stake in the divorce. 

Having a divorce attorney by your side should also give you some peace of mind as you have someone with significant insight into divorce laws to assist you. Your attorney can do everything from filing the divorce summons to representing you in negotiations. They will complete any legal documents on your behalf and ensure that they meet legal standards.    

They Understand the Process

Divorce attorneys know the ins and outs of divorce and most of them have been through the process with clients many times. Because of their experience in the legal system, divorce attorneys are able to speed up the process, knowing exactly which documents to prepare and how to prepare them. Divorce attorneys are also better equipped to deal with unforeseen circumstances, having previous experiences and knowledge of the law to draw upon. 

Your attorney will make sure that you don’t leave out any important details when filing for divorce and that all paperwork meets the legal requirements. They can also assist you during settlement negotiations to ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that you receive that which you are entitled to.

They Can Help you Reach a Settlement

A good divorce attorney will do everything they can to settle the divorce out of court. A contested divorce that requires court litigation can take years to conclude, which significantly increases the costs involved. Divorce attorneys are skilled negotiators that have your best interests at heart. They offer valuable insights into the division of property and the parental responsibilities and rights of each party. Your attorney can tell you if they believe that either party is demanding too much during negotiations and reign in your expectations if these are unrealistic. This guidance from an objective voice that understands divorce laws often helps spouses to reach a settlement without arguing the matter in court.

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