Family law is a term that is used to describe a broad practice area of law that is very dynamic. This area of the law, as the name implies, is concerned with familial relationships and the legal rules that apply to them. Family law can be defined as a subdivision of private law that defines and regulates the legal relationship between spouses, blood relatives, and the legal relationship between parents, guardians and children. This means that marriage, divorce, child custody and maintenance, curatorship and parental responsibilities and rights all fall under the umbrella of family law.

The Role of Family Law Attorneys 

When disputes arise among family members it can place a lot of emotional strain on the conflicting parties. There is often a personal relationship between the parties, and when this relationship sours it can make it very difficult for the individuals concerned to act objectively. Family law attorneys are able to act as objective representatives because they do not have an emotional stake in the dispute. These attorneys are able to compile and submit legal documents on your behalf and can also represent their clients during certain negotiations. This eliminates the need for embittered individuals to interact with one another, as this can often interfere with negotiations. 

Its ever-changing nature and broad statutes and regulations make family law a complex area of the law. Family law attorneys specialise in this field and possess certain insights that can be invaluable during a dispute resolution. Family law attorneys are focused on reaching an agreement on disputed issues as quickly as possible, whilst adhering to the legal standard. This means that, in an ideal situation, parties can avoid legal action in court by settling the matter through their attorneys. Family law attorneys are able to draft legally binding agreements that meet the court’s standards. Avoiding court litigation can significantly reduce legal costs and often reduces the emotional strain caused by the situation.

Family law attorneys are often able to resolve disputes through negotiation and mediation between the parties. This can be especially beneficial in cases involving minor children, as these cases can sometimes carry on for years before they are resolved. Having sound legal representation also helps to put your mind at ease during stressful legal proceedings. 

At Cawood Attorneys, we recognise that each case is different, which is why we approach each case based on its own merit. Our Family law attorneys have a wealth of experience dealing with different aspects of family law, such as divorce, post-divorce mediation, child custody and maintenance, child relocation and the issuing of protection orders, to name a few. Our team is dedicated to providing professional and effective services that meet the needs of each individual. We focus on finding resolutions in a timely manner that are also fair to all the parties involved. Contact us today if you are in need of legal representation. Book a consultation with one of our qualified attorneys to find out how we can assist you.

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