Here are a few simple steps and measures to take if a dog bites you:

If there is even a slight possibility that a dog behaves aggressively towards you, do not provoke or tease or taunt the dog further. Rather choose to ignore the dog and create a barrier between you.

Step 1: The attack.

After a dog has attacked and injured you, your first priority must be to get medical care immediately. Keep as calm as possible and seek medical assistance.

Step 2: The collection of information.

The collection of information is crucial for legal purposes. Try to gather as much information as possible about the occurrence. If for instance, you have been greatly injured, ask a friend or family member to assist with the collection of information.

Step 3: What should I collect exactly?

  • The first information to gather is the contact number and witness statements.
  • Make it a priority to identify the owner of the dog. Take note of the owner’s name, surname, address, contact details, ID and where the incident happened.
  • Do not hesitate to ask witnesses for their point of view of the incident.
  • Take special note of the breed of the dog.
  • Make use of photographic evidence of the injuries, the dog and the scene.
  • Take notice for anything that may relate to the attack such as an open gate or the dog without its leach.

Step 4: The medical

Now that you went to seek medical care, always make copies of the medical records and reports of the injuries you have suffered. Try to keep all the accounts and bills of any payments that had to be made by you or your medical aid in the time of the incident.

Step 5: Getting the police involved.

If your injuries are very severe, you can report to the nearest police within the jurisdiction of the incident about the attack. Remember to always provide details of the how and the what and the where of the incident. After you have made your report to the police, you will be given a case number.

In most cases, dog attacks are found to be accidental. Always remember that your health and safety is of utmost importance.

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