Law is constantly in flux and cannot be seen as immutable. Therefore our team makes it a priority to be on top of the latest developments in the quickly changing legislative landscape and to keep abreast of recent decisions in our courts.


There are many decisions that a couple needs to make when planning to get married. Who to invite to the ceremony, what food to serve, where and when the wedding will take place etc. These are just decisions related to the ceremony and only scratch the surface of all the decisions that need to be... Read More

sole guardianship
The Children’s Act 38 0f 2005 seeks to protect children in South Africa and details, among other things, the parental responsibilities and rights that rest with each parent, namely: care, contact, guardianship and maintenance. In terms of section 28 of the Children's Act, the parental... Read More

protection order document
Abuse and harassment come in many different forms and victims can often feel powerless in these situations. In many cases, the abuse or harassment does not constitute a crime and victims may feel that reporting the aggressor's actions to authorities will do little to improve their situation. Under... Read More

Children need to have guidance as they grow up and learn to navigate their way through life. Children can become victims of exploitation and abuse if they do not have a responsible adult, that has their welfare at heart, present in their lives. The Children’s Act regulates the legal guardianship of... Read More

When a divorce has been finalised, a couple’s marriage is effectively dissolved and they cease to have any legal responsibilities to one another. A divorce will only be granted if the courts are satisfied that the legal grounds for divorce have been met. According to the Divorce Act 70 of 1979, the... Read More

In South Africa, High Courts and Regional Courts have the authority to grant a divorce. And although it is possible to file for divorce in your own capacity it is highly advised that citizens employ the services of a divorce lawyer to facilitate the process. The benefits of hiring a divorce... Read More

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