Law is constantly in flux and cannot be seen as immutable. Therefore our team makes it a priority to be on top of the latest developments in the quickly changing legislative landscape and to keep abreast of recent decisions in our courts.


edictal citation - world map
If you reside in South Africa and wish to divorce a spouse that is living abroad you will need to file an application for an Edictal Citation. Whether you know their exact location or not, you have to be sure that they are residing in another country before you can apply for an Edictal Citation.... Read More

couple at post divorce mediation
It is not uncommon for disputes to arise when a couple is going through the divorce process. Sometimes, even after the divorce has been finalised, there may be issues that surface between the two parties. This is especially common when children are involved or the couple has shared assets that have... Read More

Apostille Certificate
Apostille Certificate is a specialised form of authentication attached to your original documents to verify their legitimacy. Apostilled documents are recognised as lawful documents in member countries of the Hague Convention. This process validates the details of the documents and enables you to... Read More

pinpoint on map
A married couple may decide to separate for various reasons, opting to live in different houses and essentially lead separate lives. Whether it be because they intend to restore the relationship or simply because they are unwilling to go through the divorce process, separated couples often continue... Read More

unmarried couples living together
There are many unmarried couples living together in long-term relationships that may not be aware of the laws that govern their relationship. Some are building towards getting married and some are simply not interested in getting married. Whatever the case may be, it is important to understand the... Read More

Curators play an important role in South Africa as they are responsible for managing the estates and affairs of those that are unable to do so themselves. An individual that is placed under curatorship is deemed incapable of managing their own affairs. This could be due to a number of reasons such... Read More

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