Law is constantly in flux and cannot be seen as immutable. Therefore our team makes it a priority to be on top of the latest developments in the quickly changing legislative landscape and to keep abreast of recent decisions in our courts.


Grandparents' rights - woman sitting with baby by window
The role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren cannot be overlooked. Grandparents often shower their little ones with love, attention and wisdom, and they can make up an important part of a child's core support system. But what are Grandparents' rights in South Africa?   Read More

Civil litigation Cases - attorney sitting at table
Whether you're a small business owner seeking to resolve a commercial dispute or an individual facing a lawsuit, effective representation can be the key to achieving a favourable outcome in civil cases. In the complex world of South African law, civil litigation often requires the expertise of a... Read More

Estate planning
Planning for the future goes beyond your own dreams and aspirations - it's about safeguarding what you've worked hard to build. Professional estate planning ensures that your legacy lives on and that your loved ones are taken care of when you're no longer around.   What is Estate Planning?   Read More

Legal Contracts
In the dynamic landscape of business and personal relationships, legal contracts are the backbone of secure and transparent agreements. These legally binding documents are meticulously crafted by skilled attorneys to outline the terms, conditions and obligations of the parties involved in a deal.... Read More

domestic violence
Domestic violence is a distressing issue that affects countless individuals and families in South Africa. Victims need to be aware of their rights and the legal options available to them that will help put an end to abuse and harassment. Read More

asset division
Often, one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce is the division of assets between partners. In South Africa, asset division is governed by specific laws to ensure fairness and protect the rights of both parties. To better understand how individuals’ belongings are divided after divorce, we’... Read More

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