Law is constantly in flux and cannot be seen as immutable. Therefore our team makes it a priority to be on top of the latest developments in the quickly changing legislative landscape and to keep abreast of recent decisions in our courts.


Disputes and breaches of contract are not uncommon in the business world. Such events can disrupt operations, strain relationships, and if not handled properly, can lead to significant financial losses. It's here that the important role of commercial litigation becomes unmistakable. This article... Read More

spousal and child maintenance
In the aftermath of a divorce, ensuring financial stability can become a major concern, especially for those who have been financially dependent on their spouses. Fortunately, the law provides mechanisms for financial support through spousal and child maintenance. Often providing some much-needed... Read More

Civil litigation offers a structured framework for resolving disputes and seeking redress. Whether you are an individual embroiled in a contractual disagreement, a corporation opposing intellectual property claims or any entity facing legal challenges - understanding the nuances of civil litigation... Read More

Having to navigate the complexities of commercial law is an unfortunate byproduct for companies looking to thrive and expand. This area of the law encompasses a broad spectrum of services critical to establishing, protecting and advancing business interests. These commercial law services not only... Read More

Customary marriage in South Africa has undergone significant transformation over the decades, especially in terms of legal recognition and the rights associated with it. This evolution reflects the country's broader commitment to honouring its diverse cultures while ensuring that all marriages are... Read More

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